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Dear Telekom Customer,Calling from your landline number at home using your Smartphone! ********************************************HomeTalk uses your WLAN-connection and makes your Smartphone the perfect “soft phone”. Call cheaply and comfortably at home with your IP-landline tariff and save on acquiring another telephone. You can use your Smartphone address book and make calls with HD voice in the best of quality. ********************************************Please note: HomeTalk can be used with an IP-based Telekom and a Magenta Zuhause connection, Call & Surf IP or an Entertain IP tariff. A Telekom mobile contract is not necessary so that you can enjoy all the benefits of the HomeTalk app even when using other mobile contract providers.
• The HomeTalk app is easily setup and the usability is very intuitive.• Make calls using your cheap landline tariff• Use your contacts saved on your Smartphone at home• See and manage all of your calls in a neatly arranged list• Make and receive HD voice calls in the best of quality • Use the favorite suggestions from the most often called contacts list• Block unwanted callers and encrypt all your calls
********************************************Important notice:Calls are billed at the Telekom IP landline tariff terms and conditions.The app is usable with the Telekom MagentaZuhause, Call & Surf IP and Entertain IP tariffs. Calls cannot be made at the same time as making or receiving calls on a mobile network. For HD Voice calls the other party in the call also needs a HD-compatible device.HomeTalk is compatible with devices using Android 4.4 and higher.Try the HomeTalk app now by downloading it for free from the Play Store.
We would like to get feedback from you – support us with developing and optimizing the app. New versions will be available for free in the Play Store.
Hope you have a lot of calls with HomeTalk
Yours, Telekom